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A fully customizable sliding puzzle application with a lot of different features.
The features of this application include but are not limited to:

-Completely free.
This application is and will be completely free of charge and advertising. There will be a paid version in the future but the only difference between that and this version will be my gratitude.

-Fully randomized sliding puzzles.
Gone are the days where your puzzles are already half solved before you start.

-Use your own images.
You can use images from your library or designate a folder for the application to pick the images from

-Customizable puzzle sizes.
You can vary the sizes of the puzzles from 3x3 to 20x20 and any combination in between like 8x6 for example.

-And More.
F.A.Q / Known Issues

Q: How do I open the menu in Full-screen Mode?
A: To accommodate devices without a menu button while in Full-screen Mode the back button will function as a menu button.
Privacy Policy

Information gathered by this application will only be used for statistics or for debugging purposes.

This application does not collect information other standard information collected by Google's Play Store.
This information includes but is not limited to:
- Debug reports.
- Type of device.
- Version of android used.
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