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avatar 2012-02-07 08:39:14
I'm Back
I has returned.
I've started my internship so I'm going back to weekly updates.
The weekly updates will be somewhere between Saturday and Monday.

And in other news I fixed a problem in the Kana learning 3.0 layout.
Written by: Deamon007
avatar 2011-11-23 05:42:13
School, games and other stuff.
lately I've been and still am quite busy with: school work, games and a variety of other things, so I'll be taking a break from regular updates for a while longer.
Written by: Deamon007
avatar 2011-10-24 04:24:40
Weekly Update 022
Updated some of the admin tools.
Written by: Deamon007
avatar 2011-10-17 13:20:52
Weekly Update 021
I updated and reset the pageview counter and gave the changed a parts of the site to create a more standard layout.

Edit: Fixed a bug that broke the video player and the memory game, and changed the site theme back to Spike.
Written by: Deamon007
avatar 2011-10-15 13:24:21
Small Update
I just found out my Kana learning game was no longer functional, this is now fixed.
Written by: Deamon007
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